What they say:

You sound as good as ever. Your read was immaculate. The Ukraine clip was terrific. Your voice made those somber facts deadly earnest while you created a sense of building tension. One knew that each word to come would be of ever increasing consequence. You made the story important without trying to make yourself sound important. I really wanted to hear the whole thing.

-Dick Paetzke- Seattle writer/producer

I pay close attention ever since your early days of V.O. and especially the TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES here when we first moved to Oregon......Your voice is absolutely tops........and I am not saying this cause we are close friends......it is because you feel thru your voice.....humor....sadness....enthusiasm and it goes much deeper into ones being by your tones…..

-Dick Warsinske Television Executive

Effective this afternoon, we have switched all imaging to Dick Klinger on Siriusly Sinatra. His unaffected and relaxed style blends well with our straightforward presentation. I hope you can take a few moments and hear this new addition to our channel..

-Lou Simon, PD, Sirius XM

I am not surprised that there Sinatra Sisters would be so impressed with your work at Turner Classic Movies. Your voice sounds better than ever…so down home…trustworthy…textural..all the good stuff! Glad to hear you you are doing so well…you are one of the best voiceovers around.

-Linda Bagwell, writer-producer

As I sit indoors on a sunny Wednesday afternoon
perfect for trout fishing writing silent web banners
coded to appear to be animated for an audience
certain to irritated if they noticed at all, a voice
quietly and assuredly created a world of wonder
via the sounds of two MP3s. And I am grateful for the interruption.

As always, nice work from a master who routinely turns oatmeal into creme brûlée.

-Mack Kirkpatrick, Writer and Producer


Contact: email dick@dickklinger.net or call (404) 822-9321.

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